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Access to consumer insights is what goes in to developing an effective brand strategy. We get you opinions of hard-to-reach audience spread across different parts of the world to engineer your marketing decisions.

At MWP, we are proud of our global Proprietary Healthcare Panel spread across 11 major countries with strength of 540,000(and counting) Healthcare Professionals and 1.9 Million patients as respondents in all major cities of North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Our Healthcare Panel comprises of General Physicians, HIV specialists, Neurologists, Oncologists, Diabetologist, Cardiologists, Urologists and other major specialists. Moreover, healthcare professionals like nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, purchase managers, lab directors, etc. and decision makers like CXOs, VPs and GMs of various departments in hospitals, are on our board of panel members.

With Healthcare industry burgeoning and ever-changing, we do custom recruitments for our clients based on specific requirements.

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