A Global Market Research company wanted to 200 completes in Canada with a target list of 900 odd multi-specialty physicians. Medical World Panel (MWP) role was scripting, data collection, translation, coding and tabulation.

This was the first time the client got this study from their client and hence the study had to be dealt with extra care to ensure timely and quality delivery.

There were several quotas to be managed besides specialty quota and the list was very limited.

Team strategized the project and shared their plan of action with the client to be on the same page and kept the client informed on day to day activity. Finally team was able to deliver what client required within the timelines and quality data.

This project has been done by our client and MWP twice a year past 4 years now.

Basis this project our client was able to get many more studies from their end client and MWP have been delivering them on time for all the projects.