Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

CATI on different platform of requirement

100+ seats for India CATI with 10 domestic languages

50+ seats for International CATI with native callers


We understand that a survey form might not always be the best way to get the answers to a set of questions, especially when the respondents are important people with not a lot of spare time. Additionally, some niche, hard-to-reach groups may not answer the surveys at all. With this in mind, we have an excellent in-house team of trained CATI (computer-aided telephone interviewing) interviewers.

Our diverse multi-cultural team with a proficiency in 10+ international languages understands the nuances of managing global projects and can handle any interview with a flair only experienced professionals have. We have a team of 70+ callers calling across the globe to recruit and interview project-specific respondents. Our calling team consists of members from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Africa and India.

CATI surveys programmed on different programming platforms depending on survey requirements has enabled us to deliver a wide range of industry-leading online market research surveys. With structured in-house processes and multi-step quality checks we ensure high quality and swift turnaround time.